Colorado ReBuilders Title

Colorado ReBuilders Title

Finally did it!

I finally applied for a Colorado ReBuilder’s title for the built-up 1930 Ford Model A! I bought the chassis and body from one person, but the rest of the truck is made up from many different sources.

It was kind of a complicated and exhausting process, but I’ve got it figured out and, if you’re assembling a vehicle and ultimately want a title so you can drive it on the road, here’s how you do it.

Get your “State Of Colorado Rebuilders Title Checklist” – get it HERE. The vehicle can’t be roadworthy, and the Colorado rebuilders title will not allow you to drive it on public roads. The rebuilders title is a good first step in getting a final title for the vehicle, and it establishes ownership and initial registration with the state. This form will outline the following steps you MUST take to get a Colorado ReBuilders Title;

    1. You will need the vehicle inspected and a Certified VIN inspection form (DR 2704) filled out by the inspector. In Colorado Springs, that’s done by the State Patrol, and here’s the VIN inspection information from the State Patrol. You will need to make an appointment – do this online HERE. You’ll have to trailer your vehicle to this appointment, and you should have a bill of sale from whomever you bought the vehicle (or most of the parts) from. This inspection will cost you $50, payable with cash or credit card.
    2. Fill out a Statement Of Fact (DR 2444) formget it HERE. You are going to explain (1) why there is no title for the vehicle. (2) Reason bonding for ownership is required. (3) Vehicle make, year and VIN (if there’s one on the vehicle. If not, don’t worry. (4) From whim it was purchased, and amount. Have a basic, signed Bill Of Sale too. (5). State that there are no liens against the vehicle (that you know of). (6) State that the vehicle is NOT roadworthy. This is all pretty basic, and can be filled in by hand.
    3. Assigned VIN. The State will assign a VIN but not until you are applying for the final title.
    4. Purchase a surety bond. A bond will cover your monetary loss if someone makes a legitimate claim of ownership. There are many places to get a surety bond, but I got mine through my car insurance agent – State Farm. You will need to establish a value for the vehicle, and they do give you a few options to do this. (1) Price Guide Books. (2) Computerized valuation services – I used an online site, This was free and they really do a nice job showing the value in most any condition. (3) Licensed Colorado automotive dealer (5) Certified appraisal (this will cost you).
    5. After all the above steps are completed, take all your paperwork down to your local Colorado DMV office and apply for for your Rebuilders Title. One thing they don’t tell you anywhere – they need current photos of the front, back and both sides of the vehicle, printed out. I didn’t have these so I had to go home, shoot and print the photos, rush back and submit the paperwork. They charged me $3.50. Now you wait. Not exactly sure how long for the process to make it through the system. As I write this, I am about a week and a half out from DMV submission. When I do receive whatever they send me, I’ll update this post.

What did I do wrong? Here are a few mistakesĀ  I made (hopefully) won’t repeat with any other vehicle.

  • Get the State Patrol VIN verification (form DR2704). Don’t get the VIN verification at your local Police Station. Wrong form!
  • Don’t Wait! When you get all the paperwork, get down to the DMV quickly and get it all submitted before you lose momentum. I didn’t wait.
  • The State Patrol told me I didn’t need a Surety Bond. The DMV thought I did. My advice: get the surety bond!
  • Have the four views photos in your possession when heading to the DMV. They’ll be impressed that you were prepared! Not really, but it’ll save you from making another trip!
  • You will probably wait about a month for your appointment with the State Patrol. My Inspection Officer emailed me and said that she couldn’t make the initial appointment – could I come in 2 weeks early? You bet! Of course, onĀ  the early date it rained cats and dogs, but I got the job done, no worse for the wear.